Ewok with Wooden Spear

DSCN2631Yub nub! Speaking of Ewoks, I think it’s been a year since I folded 1,000! I might be able to meet Tom at an event this fall and I am going to give him the 1,000th Ewok! 😀

By SF Lou


I’ve wanted to make a post like this for a while. I’m wondering how the SuperFolder community will be in about a year??? And then when I look back on my blog when I’m older? Will I have deleted it? What?

After the series ended and the SFTZ was brutally murdered, I think everything just started to slowly fade… I mean, we still post and chat but we don’t talk to as many SFs anymore and origami is less of a priority or just isn’t as good. (*cough* Stookiness *cough*)  And finding deleted and inactive blogs from people you used to talk to is really sad. 😥

I haven’t done as much art but I finished two new things and I’ll post them sometime this week. 🙂

By SF Lou

Dragon’s Loyalty Award

I was nominated by Cammy and SF Clomex. 😀


Challenge Rules

1.) Thank the blogger who nominated you and put a link to their blog in the post.

2.) Add the award logo thing in your post.

3.) Nominate 15 other bloggers.

4.) Post 7 facts about yourself.

Most of the SuperFolder bloggers have already been nominated so I nominate whoever hasn’t been nominated or wants to do the challenge!

– When I joined OY.com I hated my username and wanted to change it but now I love it. 😎

– I haven’t read Rat With The Human Face yet. I wanted to get it today but my mom couldn’t find her drivers license.

– My favorite type of ice cream is mint chocolate chip.

– I have my giant Origami Yoda on my wall, some origami Ewoks and my Ice Bucket Challenge doodle.

– I’m a member of the Kik TZ. Join us.

– When I meet Tom (someday I will…) I’m going to give him the 1,000th Ewok.

– I plan to do more doodling and folding over the summer. 🙂

By SF Lou

Art Sale


  Today I sold my magnets and other art at a festival! A shop owner said she would probably buy my magnets and sell them at her shop so I got to sell on the street with other artists who supply the shop. Since I wasn’t on the main road, not as many people walked by but I still made $30!


Aphrodite made from scrap cloth

Stay stooky friends! XD

By SF Lou

Blog Anniversary!

One year ago, I created Ewok Talk. :mrgreen: I told my parents and my Mom said something like “Really? Hahaha”. It was when we had comments and probably my happiest time as a SF. I snuck onto OY.com and my blog every day, excited about posting. A lot has changed in one year and even if we aren’t as into origami anymore were still always be SuperFolders. Thank you for following my blog and being my friend. ❤


By SF Lou

Starlight Blogger

Nominated by Myr Myr :mrgreen:

– https://sfmyrmyrorigamiandmc.wordpress.com/

1. What was your favorite moment on WordPress?

Probably starting my blog, figuring out how it would look, posting and being able to follow SFs I knew from Oy.com, sneaking on to my blog… I don’t think anything else comes close.

2. What is your favorite thing to post?

My origami and art, I should start posting it again.

3. I AM GROOOT (Do whatever you want with this one, these are hard to come up with :P)

I made tDSCN0736his card for him last year, but yesterday was my dad’s birthday.


1. When did you become a SF?

2. If Tom could make instructions for any origami SW character, who would you choose?

3. How many total comments on your blog? 😛




By SF Lou

16,697 VIEWS! And The SuperFolder/Blogger Awards!

Count me in! 😛

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Hello Internet, welcome to GAME THEORY  THIS AWESOME POST!

Yeah, I know. That can’t even be counted as a joke.

Aside from my hilarious un-hilarious humour, I have exciting news.

More than 16,000 views! Isn’t that crazy? 16 THOUSAND TIMES THIS SITE WAS CLICKED ON. This. I quite like being a blogger. It feels more real typing on a laptop than a mobile device. It’s wayyyy more fun.

You guys mean so much to me. even if you just like my posts and don’t read them, like and comment based upon the post, chat with everyone that strolls along here, is obsessed with me (looks at certain person), and just comes here for the he- double hockey-sticks of it, you truly bring this place awesomeness. I like waking up and finding comments and likes, and the number of views of piling up. I mean, who doesn’t?

But those numbers…

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By SF Lou



(purposely blurred for privacy)

Apparently it’s popular to write HAGS (Have a great summer) in other people’s yearbooks because it sounds lije an insult if you ask me. XD I’m going to miss my real life friends iver the summer but I’ll probably be paying a lot more here. 🙂

By SF Lou

May the Fourth Be With You!

Yup! It’s Star Wars day! 😀 Well, actually yesterday was… I’ve had testing (finished it today! Did my best on the test xD), and I have track every day after school for two hours so I haven’t folded any origami. But yeah, only one of my teachers mentioned Star Wars Day. Such haters. If I do some origami, I’ll edit this and post it. Any suggestions? :mrgreen: sw day

By SF Lou