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22 comments on “Ask SF_Lou

  1. Brace_Lou,
    I have never truly apologized for all the trouble I have caused. I am sorry for the loss of poor little Nutreno. I am sorry for the loss of the live TTTS. I am also sorry for the misunderstanding and leaving my site. I wish I could explain to Tom, and I will never be fully comfortable on as Brace_Face. I saw your efforts on Tom’s Instagram, and thank you for those. I regret commenting, even as a joke. I hope you can understand, even as excepting and nice as you are towards me. Thank you for becoming one of my closest SF friends, and being one of few whom understood my “Horrible” inside joke. -Brace_Face


      • Hi Lou! At the time I wrote this comment i was probably hoping to say hello and maybe ask if you were interested in joining the Puppet Wars story. (If you want to do that, would be great! But no pressure.) But at this point i’m just happy to see an old SF friend! How are you?


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