After driving around the huge building a few times, my mom and I finally spot the bookstore and she parks the car. I grabbed my Pickletine book, 1,000th Ewok and the 3D printed SF bracelet. (And I’m awkwardly smiling because of all the excitement/nervousness) Inside the store a lady gives me a wristband and says we have about 40 minutes until Tom’s event. My mom uses this as time to browse the cookbook section… Could I interest you inΒ Thug Kitchen: The Official Cookbook: Eat Like You Give a &!@# Β ?Β 

The little kids start arriving to hear McToad read aloud, and I’m sitting in the front row. A few minutes later Tom came onto the “stage area” and he was so funny and stooky! πŸ˜€ First, he asked if there were any SuperFolders in the room (I was the only one) and everyone shows him their origami. I had my Ewok but most people hadn’t brought any except for this very young girl who has a nana that folded the Yoda and she didn’t help at all. XD He tells us we are going to be contestants in a game show and asked if we knew what it’s called and this one kid (later dubbed Larry by Tom) raises his hand and then yells “I..um..I FORGOT…,”

Tom writes ‘I FORGOT’ on the top of a large piece of paper. The rules were that he was going to draw a character from any one of his books and whoever could guess who it was wins the paper. After a few rounds he starts drawing a face, a president’s face and I guess Rat with the Human Face. Since I think this was to kind of advertise his books he draws a pile of poop and tells the audience how three kids looking for adventure go to visit a sewage treatment plant. Tom draws another square and draws a huge cross over it because what happens in the next QwikPick book is so horrific he tried to get it banned for banned books week! o_0 It was weird being called my SF name in real life. Most of the audience was begging for him to draw a Star Wars character and to sum up I Forgot, Tom drawsRSCN2767 Dwight with Origami Yoda.Β IMG_20151001_193128990

After that there was the McToad story time, complete with sound affects. If my sister still loved frogs, toads and transportation I think she would love McToad.

Near the end of the event, Tom signed books and origami. He signed my Pickletine book and drew an Ewok. :mrgreen: I had the Yoda from when we all folded them, and he asked said I probably wanted it to have a cute face and drew him a cute face! :3 Also shook hands with him and my mom took pictures. Actually, she took all the pictures at the bookstore, I’m not one of those people who crouches behind their camera the whole time. I had so much fun at the event and Tom is so funny and nice to fans of his books! πŸ˜€

By SF Lou

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