Comic “She is my girl” [featuring Jessenia, Jesus and me]

HA. People are going to be so confused about what happened last month. You should make more comics like this! 🙂

By SF Lou

Meeting Tom in October!

I’m finally going to meet Tom! I wish I could have met him when I was a little more obsessed with the OY series but I’m still really excited! Since I found it, I’m going to give him the 1,000th Ewok. ^-^ I wonder if there will be any SFs I know from the site… probably not… It’s going to be fizzpop rockets!

By SF Lou

Origami Yoda Poster

DSCN2727I’m really happy with this because I worked so hard on it and it’s the first time in a while I have made and posted any OY art. :mrgreen: The spiral in the left corner is a lot bigger because when I started this I didn’t know what I was going to draw and then I just started spirals afterwards.

DSCN2724Also, a few weeks ago Rat with the Human Face arrived in the mail! I really                                                                             enjoyed it, but definitely not as much as Poop Fountain.

By SF Lou

Funtime Wannabes On a Budget

We actually had to watch this on the first day of school… There are other versions with “better” rapping but if you really want to see them you can look them up yourself. (And if you didn’t know, this is a parody of a real song.)

By SF Lou