Dragon’s Loyalty Award

I was nominated by Cammy and SF Clomex. 😀


Challenge Rules

1.) Thank the blogger who nominated you and put a link to their blog in the post.

2.) Add the award logo thing in your post.

3.) Nominate 15 other bloggers.

4.) Post 7 facts about yourself.

Most of the SuperFolder bloggers have already been nominated so I nominate whoever hasn’t been nominated or wants to do the challenge!

– When I joined OY.com I hated my username and wanted to change it but now I love it. 😎

– I haven’t read Rat With The Human Face yet. I wanted to get it today but my mom couldn’t find her drivers license.

– My favorite type of ice cream is mint chocolate chip.

– I have my giant Origami Yoda on my wall, some origami Ewoks and my Ice Bucket Challenge doodle.

– I’m a member of the Kik TZ. Join us.

– When I meet Tom (someday I will…) I’m going to give him the 1,000th Ewok.

– I plan to do more doodling and folding over the summer. 🙂

By SF Lou

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