New Hamster!


I think you guys knew that Nutreno died but if you didn’t, this is was happened. There was a little area were the opening of the cage didn’t meet the rest. I went inmto the basement and heard strange sounds. Then Nutreno scurried across the floor! But he ran right to me so I put him in another cage. ❀ A few days later he died. I think he ate laundry detergent because we found hamster scat by the laundry. RIP Nutreno.
But I got a new hamster today! This hamster is a Syrian hamster so she is much bigger than Nutreno. She is also really friendly. I can't handle her for a dew days so she gets used to the cage but I love her. I don't know what to name her yet but I'll think of a name soon and I'll update this post with more pictures. πŸ˜€

By SF Lou

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