Contest!!! Who has the STOOKIEST ART?


Jessenia’s El Deafo Drawing!


MyrMyr’s Swan Family!


K Origami’s Dragon Drawing!

Here are the entries! Vote for the one that you think is the absolute stookiest! You canΒ vote for yourself. No revoting. Thank you!Β 


By SF Lou

Last call for contest entries!

downloadSo far I have an entry from MyrMyr, K Origami and Jessenia. Thanks!

The SFTZ is gone forever. I respect Tom’s choice because it was becoming creepy. 😦

By SF Lou

What the hutt?!


Ewok not happy.

So I got home from school, did my homework and hoped to get on the SFTZ. Nope! Sam has shut it down again because of all the drama about Matt. I was on the TZ when it happened yesterday. I was telling you to stop along with Michael and DV because I knew Sam and Tom would not be happy. Is it going to be like last time when we checked the site everyday hoping the TZ would be back? Sam gave us one more chance and we blew it. Well, at least I now have a WordPress blog. 😑 πŸ˜₯ 😦

By SF Lou

Yodas of a different material

So first I made the Feltigami Yoda.DSCN1087DSCN1088


Then came Duct tape Yoda! You wanted to see it so I hope you like it. I’m going to make some more and try to perfect them.

DSCN1496I just need a few more entries for the contest!

By SF Lou

Contest coming soon!

Ok, I am new at this whole contest thing but I am going to have an art contest! Any type of art allowed. Post the picture on your blog and I will post them here and have a poll! πŸ˜€ You need to tell me in the comments if you are entering and where it is. Thanks!RSCN1219This is late but Cashewbacca is in Pickletine!

By SF Lou

Sooo…heres some origami

DSCN0475Jar Jar! One of the most hated prequels characters!Β DSCN0494EwokEwokEwokEwok!Β DSCN1020The EZ Yoda I put in my backpack and is still in there! Do you like my old blog theme or this one better? Thats all for now folks!

By SF Lou